Why choose B2KAPITAL

Β2KAPITAL was established with the goal of playing a pivotal role in the Non-Performing Loans market in Cyprus, focusing on positions from the entire spectrum of corporate and consumer lending. As B2KAPITAL shares are not owned, in whole or partially, by any banking organization it can act independently.


Leveraging the know-how and the international exposure of its people, B2KAPITAL is able to review and handle many different types of claims. Our expert teams supported by the best practices, the resources and the financial instruments of B2 Holding Group give B2KAPITAL an undoubted competitive edge in NPL management.  B2KAPITAL and its people have:


  • Long and in-depth collective expertise in all aspects of corporate and retail banking activities, and especially in managing non-performing loans in Cyprus and abroad.
  • Significant experience in markets where NPL management is more mature.
  • Access to the financial and investment instruments of our parent Group.
  • Access to the collective insight, the experience and the best practices of the Group.
  • Access to the Group’s digital platforms, which have been tailored to the complexities and specific needs of all NPL and business types (consumer, mortgages, corporate, leasing, third-party claims).
  • A competitive advantage, emanating from the collective capabilities of the Group companies.