B2Holding Group

B2 Holding ASA is a Norway-based company, which is primarily focused on the financial services industry and the servicing of Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) in particular. B2 Holding Group operates in over 22 European markets, mostly in Scandinavia, the Baltic and Central and South East Europe, providing banks and institutional vendors with specialised financial services, including the management of Non-Performing Loans (NPLs).


The Group’s strategy entails efficient segmentation and clustering, development of powerful platforms for each business and loan type, as well as best practices employed to either acquiring or servicing NPL portfolios on behalf of third parties. The Group has operations in over 22 European countries and the value of its corporate and retail debt portfolio stands at approximately 14 billion euro (March 2018).


A number of highly competitive advantages help B2 Holding establish itself as an important player of the European NPL market:


  • Established position in the mature Central European NPL markets, as well as in the developing NPL markets of South East Europe.
  • Local presence and insight, collaboration with local experts that guarantee a deep understanding of each national NPL market.
  • Extensive, long-term expertise, offered by the Group’s founders and management team. Portfolio comprising companies such as AktivKapital (now PRA Group), Gothia Financial Group (now Arvato Financial Solutions) etc.